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Introducing the Clara and Larry Rezash Equality Advocacy Award

(Nominations have closed for 2024)

For the first time, in June 2024, Harmony Creek Church will be honoring an individual or organization for their positive impact on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community in the Miami Valley through the Clara and Larry Rezash Equality Advocacy Award.


This annual award is named in memory of United Church of Christ Pastor Larry Rezash and in honor of his wife Clara Barnum Rezash, who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that all people feel known and loved, especially those who are LBGTQ+ and are not accepted by their families. Larry and Clara arrived in Dayton in 1982 and immediately found their community with PFLAG. For the next 40 years, Larry and Clara attended countless PFLAG gatherings, marched in many Gay Pride parades, and gave warm hugs to thousands of people who desperately needed them. Although they received countless awards for their compassion, helping a family reunite or witnessing an individual find love and acceptance is what has made all their work worthwhile. 


It is in the spirit of Clara and Larry's love and commitment that we look forward to honoring our very first award recipient this spring!

To nominate a Miami Valley resident or organization for the Clara and Larry Rezash Equality Advocacy Award, please complete this form by 11:59 pm on April 10.

Clara and Larry_edited.jpg

Clara and Larry Rezash, 2019

Clary* Award

*The Clara and Larry Rezash Equality Advocacy Award

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