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A Unique Gathering Offering Conversation and Community

Harmony Creek's Salon provides a non-worship setting to gather and engage in thoughtful, stimulating conversation.  Each week is unique as Salon members and guest facilitators offer interesting and ever-changing topics for discussion. 


Although the concept of Salon is not well known today, conversation salons were once popular across Europe and in the United States.  Here at Harmony Creek, former pastor Ruth Hopkins created our Salon several years ago as a way to more fully embrace the popular United Church of Christ slogan, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Salon has no sermon, prayers, or singing.  It is a safe, non-judgmental space for participants to share ourselves, build relationships, and enjoy discussions about a variety of life experiences. We think that’s pretty amazing!  Many Salon participants also support church-wide justice activities and participate in congregational events.


As one member of the group put it, “Salon provides an opportunity for us to discuss how to be better people to the benefit of ourselves, one another and the world.”  We welcome you, your thoughts, and your ideas to our community.

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Salon meets on Sunday mornings from 

10:30 am to 11:30 am in the church lounge.

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Salon Schedule

April 7:  Self-care for stress awareness 

Facilitator: Anna White

April is known as being Stress Awareness Month. In this Salon, I will be providing a PowerPoint presentation followed by a discussion regarding self care. It's important to manage the stress that we all encounter on a daily basis and practicing self care can help us all achieve our personal growth and goals.


April 14:  Where joy hides and how to find it 

Facilitator: Juli Burnell

Why do some things seem to create such universal joy? In this captivating talk, Ingrid Fetell Lee reveals the surprisingly tangible roots of joy and shows how we all can find -- and create -- more of it in the world around us. Let’s talk about what brings you joy!


April 21:  Come learn about Oak Street Health 

Guest Facilitator: Cedric Howard

Pastor Michelle invited a representative Cedric Howard from Oak Street Health, where they specialize in outstanding care for older adults. From dedicated doctors and care team members who take the time to know and understand one’s individual health needs to help with Medicare and insurance paperwork, Oak Street Health helps eliminate the hassles to help one take better care of oneself. 


April 28:  What's with the Satanic Temple?

Facilitator: Kathy Swensen

What's behind the shocking news stories about the Satanic Temple (TST), a non-theistic religion founded in 2013? Who are these Satanists and what do they believe? You'll be surprised, challenged, and (maybe) even inspired as we explore the beliefs and motivations that fuel this fascinating new religion. Lively discussion guaranteed!

Salon "Rules of the Road"

We follow these guidelines to help create a safe and inclusive community:


Show courtesy and respect to each other.


Respect confidentiality with private information.


Listen to the thoughts and ideas of others.

(Listening is more than waiting for an opportunity to speak.)


Speak your truth with gentleness; use “I statements.”


Share the air-time so everyone has a chance to contribute.


Refrain from interrupting others.


Assume good intent.      


For more information on Salon, contact the church office at (937) 434-3941.

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