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A Unique Gathering Offering Conversation and Community

Harmony Creek's Salon provides a non-worship setting to gather and engage in thoughtful, stimulating conversation.  Each week is unique as Salon members and guest facilitators offer interesting and ever-changing topics for discussion. 


Although the concept of Salon is not well known today, conversation salons were once popular across Europe and in the United States.  Here at Harmony Creek, former pastor Ruth Hopkins created our Salon several years ago as a way to more fully embrace the popular United Church of Christ slogan, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Salon has no sermon, prayers, or singing.  It is a safe, non-judgmental space for participants to share ourselves, build relationships, and enjoy discussions about a variety of life experiences. We think that’s pretty amazing!  Many Salon participants also support church-wide justice activities and participate in congregational events.


As one member of the group put it, “Salon provides an opportunity for us to discuss how to be better people to the benefit of ourselves, one another and the world.”  We welcome you, your thoughts, and your ideas to our community.

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Salon meets on Sunday mornings from 

10:30 am to 11:30 am in the church lounge.

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Salon Schedule

July 7:  You Gotta Have Hope

Facilitator: Kathy Swensen

This is a worrisome time for Americans, with concerns ranging from political polarization and threats to our democracy to high prices at the grocery store and gas station. Michelle Obama advises, “When you are struggling and start thinking about giving up, remember the power of hope.” During this "hour of power," we'll talk about what gives us hope!


July 14:  Maya Angelou Speaks on Life’s Challenges

Facilitator: Juli Burnell

This short TED talk presents Maya Angelou’s advice via her living through three challenging situations.  Let’s discuss supporting ourselves and one another through ours.


July 21: What’s On Your Mind?

Facilitators: Salon Participants

We get into some fascinating discussions about things that have been going on in our world.

What would YOU like to talk about?


July 28:  Let’s Talk About Creating An Abundant Life As We Age

Guest Facilitators:  Gloria Hurwitz & Laurel Farrell

We are all aging, and we know that with age, changes and challenges are part of the process. So is an Abundant Life! Come find out how United Church Homes and its Trinity Communities of Greater Dayton are delivering aging services in new and expanded ways to support an Abundant Life to those they serve. Join Gloria Hurwitz, Vice-President of Advancement, and Laura Farrell, Senior Executive Director of Trinity Communities of Greater Dayton, who will lead the discussion in Salon on Sunday, July 28 and share and discuss how support and services are changing to meet the needs of today’s older adults. Bring your questions, fears, and hopes to share and discuss!

Salon "Rules of the Road"

We follow these guidelines to help create a safe and inclusive community:


Show courtesy and respect to each other.


Respect confidentiality with private information.


Listen to the thoughts and ideas of others.

(Listening is more than waiting for an opportunity to speak.)


Speak your truth with gentleness; use “I statements.”


Share the air-time so everyone has a chance to contribute.


Refrain from interrupting others.


Assume good intent.      


For more information on Salon, contact the church office at (937) 434-3941.

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