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Pet Ministry

Annual Pet Blessing

Each year, we meet in the Fellowship Hall with all of our furry friends. We have a special blessing service and each pet is given a charm for their collar. We partner with Ellie's Rainy Day Fund to help other pets in the area. One year, Ellie's fund gave all the pets fun bandanas! We know how important pets are to so many families, so we love to include them and honor them.

Peeping Dog

Pet Giving at the Food Pantry

As part of our Feeding Friends food pantry, we serve the animals in the community as well. Volunteers pack up bags of dog and cat food each week to hand out to food pantry visitors who are pet owners. We don't want anyone in the community to be hungry, and we feel the same about their pets! We also accept donations of dog and cat treats and toys to hand out as well.

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