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Here's what to expect for your first visit.

Sunday Gatherings, Sanctuary Worship and Salon

10:30 a.m

Sunday School Great Adventure

10:45 a.m.

Where do I go first? You will park in the parking lot behind the church building. If you are attending Sanctuary service, please enter at the Main Entrance, follow the path of beautiful flowers and plants to the door. If you are attending Salon, you may enter at the far right door, which will take you right to the Herbster room. In both areas, you will be welcomed and greeted. If you have a child who will be attending Sunday School, please meet Lillie (Director of Children's Ministry) at the front of the Sanctuary. Children may sit with Lillie if you are attending Salon rather than Sanctuary service. 

How long does church last? Both the Sanctuary service and Salon last about 45 minutes. On First Sunday's where we have celebration music and communion, it may last about an hour. 

What about Sunday School? Children who are Preschool-5th Grade are welcome to join Great Adventure each Sunday. Children will sit with parents or guardians in the sanctuary or may sit with Lillie if parents or guardians are in Salon. During the service, you will hear the song "This Little Light of Mine", and the children will stand up and follow Lillie back to the classroom to enjoy stories, arts and crafts, games, and other fun activities. There is also a nursery room for children who are under the age of 3. Please provide any information about special needs, allergies, etc. to Lillie before having your child attend Sunday School or the nursery. Please reach out to an usher or greeter if you need assistance finding the designated rooms. We encourage you to reach out to Lillie at with any questions you may have.

Where are the restrooms? There are restrooms located right past the main entrance, restrooms located right across from the Herbster Room used for Salon, and restrooms two doors down from the Sunday School Classroom.

Is your building handicapped-accessible? Yes, our canopy entrance has entry buttons for automatic doors and allows access to the sanctuary, Herbster room, and all other areas of the church. There are also two wide sections within the pews for visitors or members who use a wheelchair or walker. Please see an usher if you need a hearing device or have other needs during the service. 

May I take communion? We welcome all people to take communion, whether you are a member or visitor, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. The communion table is open to all who wish to receive it. 

Will I be singled out as a visitor? As a visitor, you have the option to wear a nametag or fill out a visitor form if you'd like to. We do not point out visitors during service but will welcome you and greet you as you enter. Many friendly faces will be happy to have you attend a service! If you would like to meet new people and introduce yourself, you are more than welcome, but there is no pressure as a visitor, we are simply happy that you decided to attend. 

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