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Kids in Vegetable Farm



Sunday School is a place for learning, fun, making friends and memories, and ADVENTURE! Our children's programs bring life to ministry and create an environment where all children can thrive. Every child deserves a place where they can feel free to ask questions, be accepted, and learn how to love themselves and the community around them. At Harmony Creek Church, we teach love and kindness to all. "All" means our friends and family, people in the community, the environment around us, and ourselves. 


We are Harmony PALS, and we are friends to all. "PALS" is an acronym for "peace and love shine" because we want others to know us because of how we showed them peace and love. Our church is welcoming and kind, and our children's programs certainly are inclusive and fun. Sunday School includes arts and crafts, stories, and games. Additionally, our curriculum includes Bible stories, lessons on acceptance, forgiveness, and kindness, and community outreach projects that help the people around us. We are here to provide support and provide a safe space for the kids in our community. Everyone is welcome to become a Harmony Pal! 


Lillie Gillespie is our Director of Children's Ministry. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Marketing and has a certificate in American Sign Language and Graphic Design. She loves all things creative and uses her art experience in the classroom. She started attending Harmony Creek Church at 6 years old and recognizes the lifelong impact that the church programs had on her. Lillie said "I am forever thankful for the children's and youth programs that I was welcomed into as a child and then teen. I created friendships with amazing people who are still in my life today, and I want nothing more than to be an impactful leader to the children in my community. Being able to provide a child with a safe place to be themselves and learn is such a blessing. I want to make an impact like the previous leaders did for me". 

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